How come every other organ in your body can get sick and you get sympathy, except your brain? (via serenamrx3)

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Here is a mini yoga master list on yoga for curing anxiety and depression. I’m not a therapist but I know yoga can help alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms.  I hope this can help at least one person.  Whatever you may be going through, remember that it’s only temporary and things will get better soon.  Remember to be sunny☀
Yoga Videos
Yoga For the Winter Blues- Yoga For Depression
Stress Release Yoga | Mellow Out Anxiety
Yoga for Anxiety- Stress Management - Relief Flow (60 Min.)
Guided Meditation for Anxiety and Obsessive Thoughts
Move & Groove Vinyasa Flow Yoga W/ Music (25 minutes) 
Yoga For Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
Easy Stress Relief Yoga
Yoga to Make You Happy, Relaxing Beginners Routine for Stress & Depression
Emotional Detox Yoga Sequence
Yoga to Make you Happy
Yoga for Stress & Anxiety
YIN Yoga for Cramps, Anxiety, and Insomnia
Guided Meditations 
Chopra Guided Meditations
Fragrant Heart Guided Meditations for Healing
Meditation for Depression
Depression Lifting
Music to Relax To: Most of these are soothing sounds that can last up to 10 hours! Lay down and take a few deep breaths while listening to these soothing sounds.
Vital Energy
Soft Piano
3 Hours of Ocean, Flute, and Piano
Tibetan Healing Sounds
Relaxing Sounds with Water
Gentle River
Reiki Zen Meditation
Remember to smile :)


eeeee rebloging for future reference. need to try guided meditations.


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Today’s Gender of the day is: Decline



oh my god press ‘shift’ and then ‘?’


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I’ve had a vision:

What if Stan actually got called out for using girl as an insult in front of Mabel, like “hey why don’t you explain to your young impressionable niece why you think the comparison to her gender is demeaning.”

He could never tell her she’s inferior (he knows damn well she’s not) and thus decides that the new go-to insult is “like a Gideon.”

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